So, our settling back in period last week finished and the real work began at the beginning of this week! We started using our Maths and Writing lessons to complete tasks throughout each day, with other lessons, such as; science, reading, music and art.

The children were fully engaged with their lessons. The rest over the holidays has seen them return ready for lots of learning. Here are some of the activities the children have been completing in class since Monday:

In one class, the children were taking part in a Yoga session for their P.E lesson. They had to copy and follow the yoga instructor’s moves as she did. Most of the children were fully engaging, with having to sit in a range of different ways.

In another class, the children have been learning about body parts. First, the children sang the song ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ along with the actions. Then they took part in labelling the body parts on the board. They really enjoyed labelling the body, completing the activity with hardly any adult support.

In the same class, the children enjoyed mark making using a string and paint in their art lesson. First, the children put the string into the paint and then used that string to mark make different patterns on the paper.

During another class’ art lessons, the children had a huge piece of paper laid out on the floor, where they had to wrap a pipe cleaner around their hand. They needed to mark make with their hands and the pipe cleaner using different coloured paint to create a collage-like pattern. All the children were involved and loved making such a colourful mess on the paper.

In one of our other classes, one child was making playdoh. He had to mix the ingredients together, then add food colouring to create the blue effect. Once it had joined together and settled, he was able to mould the playdoh into whichever shape and pattern he wanted to. He thoroughly enjoyed making playdoh, especially when he had the chance to play with it afterwards.

Finally, one class had to understand the difference between objects that were food and non-food. They had to put the food and non-foods into the correct category. We used plastic food to represent real food – in case the children got hungry during their activity! They loved playing with the food and placing them in the correct category together.