School meals are cooked from fresh ingredients, on-site, every day. Included in every meal is a freshly made salad.   Water and milk are always available.

Autumn/Spring 23/24  – Click on menu to see the full 3 week rota




Alternatively, you can provide your child with a healthy packed lunch.  Please adhere to the school’s policy below.


We encourage parents to provide healthy well-balanced packed lunches. For children aged 5 years and above preparing a healthy well-balanced child’s lunchbox, includes: starchy foods – these are bread, rice, potatoes, pasta etc, protein foods – including meat, fish, eggs, beans etc, a dairy item – this could be cheese or yoghurt, vegetables or salad, a portion of fruit and a healthy drink such as water or milk. Below is a guide to help pack a healthy lunch:



Below is the food provided for the after school provision



Below is the food provided at the breakfast club:

  • A whole grain cereal or puffed rice cereal served with semi-skimmed milk
  • A whole grain bagel with a low fat spread (children encouraged to spread thinly over the bagel)
  • Semi-skimmed milk and fresh drinking water is available for children
  • Fruit options are available daily for children