Maths: Finding Perimeter using Geoboards

This week in our Maths lessons, we have been looking at the perimeter and the area of shapes.

We learnt that the area is the space within a shape, and that the perimeter is the the size of the length and the width of the shape (the outside).

We have looked at a number of different questions for both area and perimeter. We have also looked a range of shapes whilst finding the area and perimeter of each one.

Earlier this week, we used ‘geoboards’ to make our shapes, then try to find out the perimeter of those shapes. We used elastic bands to make the shape on the ‘geoboard’. It was fun, and as the children worked so well and so sensibly, they were given a chance to make their own shapes and pictures with the bands. They had some great fun designing their own shapes.

Here are some pictures of their hard work and creations during the lesson.