Leaders of our Learning

This week as part of one of the children’s story time sessions, the children chose to read the story book ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’. They enjoyed the story book so much that after reading the story and during the children’s child-initiated play, a group of children felt inspired to create their very own obstacle course to replicate the same journey the characters made in the story.

The children worked really hard as a team on planning and arranging the obstacle course, with lot’s of problem-solving discussions taking place amongst the children. There discussions also ignited the use of some rich vocabulary, take a look at what was observed whilst the children played:

Perez “Don’t make the mud thick! If we make the thick oozy mud even more thick, we can’t walk through it”.

Anes “Well, we can put water in it from the river then we can walk through it more easier”!

Perez “Then we can take out the water before the Bear comes and he can get stuck (giggles)”.

Azeez “Then we can run back home super fast, like Spiderman… Don’t forget to shut the door. Let’s put a big heavy tyre behind the door so he can’t get in (pushes tyre to imaginary door).”



Through the children’s independent play together, the children displayed learning from all 7 areas of the Development matters (Early Years curriculum). What brilliant learning!