Internet Safety

On Tuesday 7th February, it is ‘Internet Safer Day‘ and in preparation we have spent some time investigating how we can stay safe online. Our ultimate plan is to produce a video clip for the year 1 children and in preparation for this we designed and created some informative posters.

In year 2 we think using the internet is amazing as we can find out so much information and have a lot of fun too. However, we recognise that being safe is just as important, and we are looking forward to sharing this message with the younger children.

Here are our 4 Top Tips:

  1. Keep personal information private at all times.
  2. Be kind – treat people online how you would treat them in person.
  3. Don’t talk to strangers.
  4. If you ever have that ‘uh oh!’ feeling in your tummy and something doesn’t feel right, speak to an adult.