Year 5 visit to University of Arts

On Thursday 8th March, two classes from year five travelled to the University of Arts -Chelsea Campus to create some art installations. This was part of their Geography topic. Our partnership with the University has grown extensively since our work together on the Big Draw event in October. UAL continues to be a vital partner in giving the children an opportunity to not only visit a University as part of Monteagle’s 50 things to do before the age of 11 3/4, but they also created installations within the space. The day was packed with creative activities, that pushed and challenged the way children think about art and the space that you can create within in.Thinking about the work the pupils have undertaken as part of their Humanitarian project the children were posed with a task: There has been a hurricane. Your house has been damaged beyond repair and all of your possessions are gone. An aid relief charity have managed to get through with limited supplies to help the residents of Chelsea Island build a temporary shelter. In your groups, you will need to build a shelter which can fit at least 5 of you inside. Think about what a shelter needs to do. For example, protection from the wind/rain. At the end of their task the children had to┬áproduce a stop-motion film which will be projected on to their building.

Check out the amazing photos below. We continue to partner with UAL, stay tuned for more.