World Book Day

In Monteagle this year we decided to celebrate ‘World Book Day‘ a little bit differently.

We have selected a ‘Power of Reading’ text and all around the school children have explored it carrying out different pieces of work. The text we looked at was ‘The Lonely Beast’ by Chris Judge, a real favourite amongst the children.

In our year group, we explored the characters outward appearance and then contrasted this once we had read the book together. It was valuable as we were able to discuss the premise of ‘judging a book by its cover’ and the children were fantastic at thinking of exciting adjectives to describe the main character.

Later on we extended one of the scenes from the book and tried our best to bring it to life. Carrying out some drama in partners, we asked and answered questions in an interview style, and the children really enjoyed taking on the role of ‘The Beast.’

To top it all off, we are able to spend the entire day dressed up as some of our favourite characters from stories, I am sure you’ll agree we looked great.

Thanks for all the effort you put in to the children’s costumes. They looked superb!