People who help us

This term the Nursery are learning about People Who Help Us. Over the coming weeks we will be inviting visitors from our community to talk to us about how they help us. A nurse, police officer and vet have already been booked and we would really like to ask if you and or any members of your family or friends would like to share with us how you help people in our community or how you help your family. If you are a doctor, builder, hairdresser or a post person etc we would like to invite you to come and talk to us.

This week our role play area has been set up as a hospital and the children have been learning about the different types of people who work in a hospital, what their roles are and how they help us. It is clear that some of the children are already showing talents at looking after the sick bears and writing prescriptions for medicine.

We also have been talking about how to contact different emergency services and what number to dial – ‘999’. Children have been busy using the phones to call 999 and writing down what the emergency is.