Parents and teachers together

At Monteagle, we believe that as parents and teachers we achieve better results for our children when we work together. That is why this year we have introduced:

  •  extended parent-teacher consultation meetings (15 minutes each term with meetings booked over the course of an extended day, rather than the previous 5 minutes in a rather rushed evening);
  • parent workshops in which parents and children learn something new together;
  • the option of an extended day for more children with the introduction of a new morning activity club for our youngest children (to complement the existing activity clubs for children from Year 3 – Year 6 and our morning breakfast club available to all children) and a renewed commitment to our after-school club, meaning working-parents can know their children are being cared for and purposefully engaged from 8.00 – 18.00 each day;
  • a new website to keep parents informed of upcoming events and to give an insight into the exciting day-to-day experiences their children enjoy;
  • parent coffee-mornings which have provided opportunity for parents to engage in shared thinking around topics such as school uniform, home-learning and the ’50 things’ we want our children to achieve by the end of their time at Monteagle.

We know there is more we can do. We have redesigned the end-of-year report we compile for each child to be clearer and to focus more on the areas we believe parents want to know about, and shall ask for opinions on this when they are sent out. We are working on refreshing our home-learning policy so that parents are better informed about the work their children are doing at any time and are better able to support their development. And, we are producing a parent-handbook to ensure new parents can get to know routines and ways-of-working in the school as quickly as possible so they don’t miss out on any opportunities for their children.

To support and develop this work we encourage regular contact. Our senior leaders and staff are around at the start and end of the day and are available for quick, informal chats. Mark Austin, Hilary Buckland and I are at the Burnham Road and Stamford Road gates each morning. For those matters requiring more time, we advise organising a meeting through our parent support worker Nicky Jose.

Nicky is on hand where parents are unsure about whether to raise an issue or are nervous about doing so. She can give advice, help parents rehearse what they want to say to other staff members and she can attend meetings with parents to support and help them get the outcome they want for their child.

And for those parents wishing to get more involved in school life and to make a contribution, we encourage joining our parent-teacher association, the Friends of Monteagle. The Friends have done a superb job this year raising money through the Christmas-fair and other events. They have used this to purchase the Aeroball court that now stands proudly in our playground, a huge hit with the children who love playing on it at breaks and lunchtimes.

2016-05-26 07.34.17

The Friends’ next big event is the Summer Fair. It’s being held on the 9th July and is going to be spectacular. The flyer below gives a few details. If you would like to be involved contact Lauraine Beard or Dawn Lambert through the school office. You might wish to get involved on the day by helping set-up or run a stall, or you might wish to bring-along or serve home-made food. And of course we need all the books, games and clothes your children have grown out of, and any bric-a-brac you have, to fill the stalls on the day.

Thank you for your support in this and for your continued support in ensuring your child’s success.

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