Parent Workshop – Historical Discoveries!

On Wednesday Year 3 had their Parent Workshop. It was a fantastic turn out by parents and we want to say a huge thank you to those who were able to come along to help out. We hope you enjoyed it just as much as the children did.

There were five activities in our classes that had been based around our History topics this term, starting right back in the Stone age and moving along the timeline, including; the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, The Greeks and the Mayans.

The Stone Age groups were making sharp flint tools, using bars of soap to carve the shapes needed.

The Bronze Age groups were making jewellery necklaces out of clay and homemade play dough, threading them together with pieces of string.

The Iron Age groups were making Celtic shields out of cardboard and covering them in tin foil to make them shiny.

The Greek groups were using large card to cut out and decorate their Greek vases, with some amazing patterns on them.

And finally, the Mayan group were designing masks with string, a range of colours, and cut-out paper.

Here are a wide range of pictures from across the year group showing how much fun the children and parents had;