Monteagle ARP Review

Today we were visited by colleagues from the Local Authority who conducted a review of teaching and learning in our ARP.  Our reviewers on the day, Janev Mehmet and Jacqui Williams took a ‘learning walk’ through our building and spent time looking through plans and documents and speaking with Rehana Talaimojeh, the ARP Manager, and Alison Bakhshipour, the Lead Teacher. They were very impressed with what they saw and heard.

In the report they wrote:

Ø  Leadership of the ARP is excellent. Processes for planning and delivery of interventions are robust, and there is a well thought out process of allocation of staff to pupils.

Ø  Leadership empowers each member of staff to contribute and develop skills. As a result the Team works very collaboratively with clear areas of responsibility and a shared input into planning. The National Autism Standards are being followed.

Ø  Close working with teachers across the school and regular training ensures that needs for Autistic children are at the forefront of learning. Support Plans for pupils are clear and well structured and shared with the whole school

Ø  Partnership working with parents is exemplary. Key members of staff carry out home visits and observe pupils within the home setting, so that they can support parents with strategies for their children. Home visits, sharing of resources, open door policy ensures that parents are supported and developed to deal better with their children’s challenges; Home school communication book; School’s PSA works closely with parents to keep them up to date

Ø  Pupil profiles grow with the child from starting point to year 6, sharing targets met, and strategies which have worked/failed.  In the class settings, pupils benefit from individual work stations, choice cards and structured activities.

Ø  The school uses data, pupil observations and review to evaluate the impact of interventions and provision. There are assessments every half term of CASPA, PIVOTs (in-school tracking system). All pupils make progress from their starting points and areas of development are tracked meticulously

Ø  Pupils are provided with a range of learning opportunities to support their literacy and sensory awareness. Pupils have access to a well developed outdoor area. Organisation of learning and outdoor area has a positive impact on learning

Ø  The ARP has adopted the Autism Education Trust’s early years autism competency framework. This includes ‘Harry’s Passport’, the AET child central planning child profile, and examples of targeted plans. Also included are the autistic review resource bank, and national autism standards.

Ø  The Education Inclusion Framework highlights Green for all areas except for attendance. An action plan is in place to strengthen SLT and Governors’ knowledge SEND Code of Practice.

Ø  The ARP is looking to adopt more interventions that are evidence-based and reflected in the T & L Policy.

Ø  Teaching and learning observed indicated excellent understanding of pupils and strategies that would get the best out of them. Synchronisation of staff change over was smooth and seamless, providing a perfect environment for the pupils to feel calm and engaged.


Wonderful affirmation of the hard work of our children and staff. We couldn’t be more proud.