Making play dough!

We love making models with play dough, so this week we made our own!

1.    First we combined water, oil, salt, cream of tartar, and food colouring in a saucepan and heated it until it was warm.

2.    Next, we removed it from the heat and put some flour in.

3.    Finally, we enjoyed mixing and kneading it until it was smooth.


We then went on to describe the Play dough and the changes that took place.

“It is so stretchy, I can pull it and it get’s longer.”

“First the flour was white, then we added some colouring and it’s turned yellow.”

“The play dough is smooth and soft.”


We had lots of fun the next day using the Play dough to make ourselves and our families. We put them in height order.

We used words such as ‘short’, ‘tall’, ‘big’ and ‘small’ to describe our height.

“My mum is taller than me, she has longer legs.”

“I am five years old and my brother is eight years old. He is bigger than me.”

“If I want to get tall like my daddy I have to eat lot’s of healthy food.”