Gravity vs Upthrust

During this term, year five have been learning about forces. This week we focused our science brains on water related forces, water resistance and upthrust. Upthrust is a force, which only exists in liquid, and pushes up against gravity.

Our fist experiment was to demonstrate the effect of streamlined shapes on water resistance, we carried out a comparative test of three different shapes. Predicting the results followed by timing the speed each shape sunk to the bottom.

Next up in the lesson, was the floating challenge! In groups, children were given plasticine to mould into shapes they thought would create a balance between gravity and upthrust. If the plasticine floated, we knew we had struck a balance.

Children worked scientifically, using their knowledge from the world and the lesson, to create a shape that would float.

Above is one of the trials, as you can see, the force of gravity was victorious!!!