Home Learning

Week beginning 21.5.18

This week Reception will be:


Recapping:  doubling, halving and sharing.


Reading ‘The Night Pirates’.

Looking closely at description and be introduced to ‘similes’.

Continuing to practise writing their full name; simple sentences and to use connectives (and, because, so, then, but) in their writing using pre-cursive writing.


To recap previous sounds: sh, ch, th, ng, ow, oi, ear, er,air, ure, zz, qu, ai, ee, oo ,oa, ar, or, igh, ur (and single letter sounds)

To read and write the high frequency words covered over the half term and previously. (the, no, to, go, I, she, we, me, be, was, my, you, her, they, all, are, some, come, said, have, like, do)