We are mid way through a lovely day 2 out in the wilds and despite some questionable weather it has been another fun filled one all round. After a relatively good night’s sleep (despite a bit of a late one in games room) the children were rewarded for being up nice and early (5.30 am) with a breakfast of champions varying from the traditional fry up (all dietary requirements were catered for) to a hearty bowl of coco pops depending on preference.

Fuelled with energy we headed off into the days’ activities with Raft Building, Caving, Orienteering and Rifle Shooting!

A fan favourite in raft building rendered the rain irrelevant as an oversight of some key building principles left particularly Miss Darcy’s group in the lake! The majority of the children enjoyed their chance to take a dip despite the odd shoe or two making it’s way into the clay on the bottom, but despite the panic all shoes were recovered and after reassuring the students this was not in fact quick sand we made our way out to dry off before taking on the rest of the day.

Caving was met with slightly more apprehension, yet those brave enough to dive into the dark were rewarded with a surprise ball pool at the end. Some others took the opportunity for a supervised rest alongside the teachers, who I am sure were devastated they couldn’t tackle the caves themselves!

Pizza Baguettes and Crisps were on the menu for lunch followed by some flapjacks – but there has been some fruit involved I promise!

Orienteering became more a game of who can become most lost and we will be sure to work a little more on our map reading and directional skills in Geography on our return! Rifle shooting rounds out the day which will lead us nicely into a few more Olympic activities as the kids will be tackling their own mini-Olympics after dinner. A good chance for them to show off their strengths and skills and a nice nod to our new History topic on the Greeks!

We will open the day tomorrow with some American pancakes before Laser Tag and Kayaking.

See you for collection at 1.30pm tomorrow from outside Maple Lodge!!