After a late night of excitement on Tuesday and plenty of conversation, the kids were up early to enjoy a culinary tour of the USA… American pancakes the order of the day with a variety of toppings, yoghurts and milkshakes provided a real treat to get us going this morning.

Kayaking was first up. This was met with plenty of enthusiasm and a little trepidation, but despite the cold weather and colder waters the children threw themselves into the challenge as they have for the most part during their stay – with determination and adrenaline seeming enough to keep their bones warm!

We finished with a competitive game of outdoor laser tag which saw Miss Darcy’s group come out 4-0 winners (did someone say fix?). There were some impressive sharp shooting displays on show from all around and it gave the kids one final chance to burn off the type of energy that has kept them buzzing around the place throughout the trip.

We rounded off with some sandwiches and sausage rolls and chocolate cake before waving goodbye to the children, almost forgetting we would see them all again today!

Thank you parents and carers for allowing us to borrow your pride and joys for such an exciting 3 days away, and credit to the children for displaying excellent attitude and willingness to take themselves out of their comfort zones for their time away at Stubbers. All we asked for were open minds and we certainly received this in abundance.

As always the staff at Stubbers  put on an excellent experience for Monteagle Year 5s and we hope you enjoy all the stories that the children have brought home with them.