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Trip to Mayesbrook Park

This week reception year went to Mayesbrook park. They explored the natural environment around the park and different animals/minibeasts/pond creatures. They went to natural habitats and carried out fun activities.

At the pond, they actually had a chance to use nets to see if they could fish out some pond creatures. The children were very fascinated when they found fishes, water slugs, water spiders and a range of other pond creatures.

At the woodlands, the children explored the environment and described what the woodlands looks like. They also made some homes for woodland animals using the tree logs, sticks/twigs, leaves and acorns.

At the grasslands, children used nets to see what mini beasts they could find. They then put them in pots and drew them focusing very closely at their features.

We all had a fantastic time and the children gained excellent knowledge in regards to the natural habitats of pond, woodland and grassland animals.