Our broad and balanced curriculum is enriched in a number of ways to excite the children’s appetite for learning. We do this through a varied programme of visits, a menu of clubs and through the strong links we make with individuals and cultural groups.

One example of this is the ‘Trench Brothers’ project that runs through the Autumn Term for our Year 6 pupils. The project is delivered in partnership with HMDT who believe, as we do, that everyone should be able to both experience great art and help form it, and aims to prove that great art, that inspires and resonates with many people can be created through the unique dynamic between outstanding professional artists and the community.

Trench Brothers brings the First World War to life for students through the experiences and personal stories of Indian Army, British West Indies Regiment and black British Soldiers. It commemorates their contributions using puppetry, music, artefacts and cross-curricular learning and culminates in performances of a new music theatre work, enabling students to develop a creative, artistic response to the stories and immortalise the deeds of these forgotten soldiers.

In addition to forging strong links of this sort, we make the most of learning opportunities afforded by our London locality to visit the many museums, galleries and places of interest which are a short bus or train journey away. We also provide opportunities for our children to experience learning further afield, for example travelling up to Trewern to enjoy a fabulous range of activities that includes hiking, caving and climbing.