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Work to be done at home- Week Starting 13 July 2020

So here it is.  Your last week of Year 6.  It is not how we wanted to end the year, but we are lucky we have many happy memories of our time teaching you.  You have all grown into wonderful children and we know that you will continue to grow and become the best version of you.  We can’t wait to hear about all your achievements in secondary school.

We know that you have missed out on some of the activities that you would usually have enjoyed in your last term at Monteagle, so this week we have put together a ‘Year 6 Experience’ week.  You are going to get messy with art, enjoy Sports’ Day, visit France and imagine yourself in a starring role in our production.  Enjoy and remember to send us lots of pictures.

We are also saying goodbye to Mr Sheffle this week.  We are as upset as you are that he is leaving.  Everyone wants to be in Mr Sheffle’s class because he is the coolest teacher in the school.  We love him as much as you do.  Just like with the children Mr Sheffle, we can’t wait to hear about all your achievements in your next stage of your career and please continue to grow and become an even better version of you, if that is even possible because you are perfect already.

Finally to you, the parents, we want to say a big thank you for the support you have given us and, more importantly, your child over the past year.  It has been a pleasure teaching your child.  Keep doing what you are doing, we are proud of them and we know you are too.

Ms Begum, Miss Darcy, Miss Edwards, Miss Olatunji, Mr Sheffle, Miss Walker, Mr Woollcott

Monday (Art Day)

Art Project


Tuesday (French Day)

French Day

Cafe Menu

French Language cafe waiter and waitress cards

English Language cafe waiter and waitress cards

French Language customer cards

English language customer cards

Crepe Recipe Boules Rules

Boules Rules

Wednesday (Sports’ Day)

Sports Day

Thursday (Production)

This year we were going to put on a production of ‘Hairspray’.  If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch the film on there.  Let your teacher know which character you would have wanted to play.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, just sit back and chill and watch your favourite film or TV programme.


Friday (Picnic)

Watch out for emails, listen out for phone calls, more details about the Year 6 picnic will follow.

Thrive activities for parents of children up to age 11 – week seventeen