Dear Parents and Carers,

While schools remained closed, it is very important that your children are still getting their music education. Music education at home is easy and fun. It can involve putting on one of your favourite songs, and singing and dancing along. If you have instruments, why not do a bit of guided play together? If you don’t have instruments, why not use some house-hold items to make sounds? Pots and spoons can be pretty noisy, but plastic wrap around a plastic container makes a quiet drum. Let your imaginations run wild!

Every week I will also be setting your children a specific music task. These should take around 30 minutes to complete, and will require just a few simple items. They can be done alone, or in small groups. If you are having fun, why not try another year group’s activity?

I will also update the website every week with a new song for your child(ren) to sing, in place of our weekly singing assemblies. Why not make a dance up to go along with song and upload onto your child’s home-learning page?

If you don’t have access to internet at home, your child can sing one of their favourite songs to warm up. Why not join them?

If the activity involves listening to music, and you don’t have internet, could you play a CD or a song on your phone/device for your child? Or could you play an instrument or sing for your child?

If your child has an instrument that they play at home I recommend that they practise it at least 20 minutes per day.

Year 4 children who have taken home their guitars have been given a practise sheet from me. They should be practising for at least 20 minutes per day. I will update these practise sheets every few weeks.

Remember, practise makes perfect!

Happy musicking!

🙂 Ms Davis