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Home Learning w/b 06th July 2020

Hello Year 2,

Thank you for sending us all your lovely work and pictures last week. It has been great to see all the hard work that has been going on at home again.

This week, our English and maths lessons will continue to be supported by lesson videos the children can watch and follow along with.

In English this week, we are continuing to work on the story of Claude in the city. We are asking the children explore the robbery that occurs in the next part of the book, they will need to create a wanted poster and interview the witnesses to the crime.

In maths this week, the children will be reinforcing their basic skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These skills are important and need to be revisited and revised often to ensure the children are confident when applying their skills to solve problems.

Please remember to also login to your Bug Club and Timetable Rockstars to help with both their reading and times tables.

Remember to join your teacher on the weekly zoom meeting for a ‘story and chat’ Why not bring a picture or something to show both your friends and teacher. We look forward to seeing some of your fabulous work and smiling faces.

Remember all the tasks in red are to be sent to your teacher so they can give you help for the future.

Keep smiling and take care,

All the best,

Year 2 teachers.


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