Wow! The photos are certainly worth the wait – we had the most glorious day at Stubbers today.

After our breakfast, we took part in various activities such as leap of faith, archery and laser combat. We’ve certainly reached new heights today and we’ve surprised ourselves with our bravery and our appetite for adventure.
Everyone today will agree, our favourite part of the day had to be the raft challenge. Yes a RAFT challenge! We had to build a raft to fit all twelve members of our group, using barrels and rope, and it had to float across a lake. Every raft was successful. Although we were disappointed we didn’t get to push Mr. Francis from the raft. But what an accomplishment it was – to be floating on a structure we built together. oon after, we had a delicious chicken fajitas meal.

In the evening, we went for a walk through the winding forest to the buschcraft area. Here we sat around an open fire, singing songs, sharing riddles and stories.

The children, or teachers, haven’t stopped smiling, and with each new experience, we are growing closer as a group.
We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.