We have been extremely productive, and creative, in Year 4 this week.

We have carried on with our book, ‘Oliver and the Seawigs,’ and this week we did some visualisation on a Rambling Isle. We then wrote a strip poem using adventerous adjectives to describe it. We also wrote, and acted out a scene, from the sarcastic seaweed.

Linking to our IPC topic, we participated in an online art session where we painted scenes from the Rainforest. Mrs Weavers was really impressed with 4W’s work.

TTRS awards

Time played:

Zain (4H) Stephany (4A) William (4W)

Coins earned:

Jenson (4H) Gursahib (4A) Jainil (4W)

Correct answers:

Ricky (4H) Spencer (4A) William (4W)