Dear Year Six,



You have now reached the end of your Monteagle journey and what a ride its been for you all.


For many of you, Monteagle is the only school you have known and for those of you who joined later, the school with your most recent friendships and memories. You are about to take a step into the unknown and I know that that brings a mixture of excitement and some fear but believe me, you have so much to look forward too.


You are all so ready for secondary school. You have solid friendships to take forward and will make new ones that will hopefully last a lifetime. You will discover new interests and get to develop your existing hobbies even further. You may unearth hidden talents, enjoy a wider range of lessons and meet new and interesting people.


Whatever you choose to do, always remember to throw yourself into it and commit 100%. Always try your hardest and remember to never give up. Failures are going to happen but they do not define who you are, they make you stronger, more resilient.


Since I arrived two and a half years ago, I’ve seen you all grow and develop into confident and articulate young adults. You are funny, interesting, kind and passionate. Often loud but never, ever boring! I’ve so enjoyed watching you all.


I have never been so proud to be a Headteacher than I was watching you perform Oliver! The way you pulled together, supported each other and performed was nothing short of amazing. I will carry that memory with me forever and I hope you do too.


You’ve had to change and adapt to so much over the past 18 months, being stuck indoors, worried about your education, your family, your friends. There can be no denying, you had a tough time. Much more so than anyone anticipated. However, you rose to it, without compliant, without question and just got on. That in itself is something to celebrate and says so much about your strength of character.


To end, I want to wish you every success as your start Year 7 and want to give you some advice that was given to me when I was your age.


Be true to yourself, be kind to others. Be patient. Pause and breathe when things get on top of you. Think before you speak. Never give up and let your failures give you the platform to succeed. You are stronger than you think and wiser than you know.


I will miss you all.



Sara Rider