Year 1 have been learning about about stories from all around the world and from different times as part of their IPC learning.

They begun by using story boxes filled with different objects to create their own story and this week they ended their learning by turning their classrooms into story boxes. We took a tour of the UK by making 1H Sherwood Forest (England), 1AJ became Loch Ness (Scotland) and 1R became the Giant’s causeway (Northern Ireland).

In 1H, the children retold the story of Robin Hood and let their visitors try some traditional bread and cheese from England. In 1AJ, the children acted out the story of the Loch Ness Monster and fed their guests with Scottish tablet – a type of fudge that gives walkers energy. In 1R, the children performed the story of  Finn McCool the Giant and then let their visitors try some Irish soda bread.

The children really go to learn about the UK by visiting each others classrooms and by creating these story box classes.