Dear Parents/ Carers,


This is my final letter of the academic year. I can’t quite believe how quickly this year has gone by. It’s had many twists and turns along the way and I can only hope that next year brings us a semblance of normality away from Covid.


The children at Monteagle have been amazing in every way and showed us all the true meaning of resilience time and time again. Nothing seems to phase the children here and they embrace schooling in all its forms with positivity, laughter and a smile.


Thank you to you all as parents and carers who have worked with us this year and the restrictions and other safety measures needed to keep our school up and running, following our one-way systems, adapted start and end times and various isolations and remote learning. I will be updating you over the holidays with our plans for September. Your support is truly invaluable.


As always, but particularly this year, I am proud of the team I lead. They have worked through some of the most testing times in education and they have pulled together throughout for the greater good of our children. I cannot thank them enough for the individual roles they have all played. Keeping a school like Monteagle running at the pace it does, it no mean feat but the team are incredible.


July is always a time for goodbyes and this year we have some particularly poignant and special farewells to make.


Mr Campbell has been with Monteagle since 2015 and transformed our school into one of the very best locally and nationally. He is leaving this summer to start a new job in Cheshire. His leadership and support have been truly inspirational and I speak from a personal point of view when I say that I miss his guidance and unwavering loyalty to the school and our wider community. His impact and legacy will be long lasting and I am sure that all of you will join with me in wishing him well and sending our thanks to him for all of his hard work and dedication to ensuring Monteagle’s success.


Mrs Talaimojeh is also leaving us this year to start a new consultancy role whilst continuing to provide support to the local authority. I have offered her desk back to her two days a week so you will still be seeing her around. A passionate, committed and more dedicated teacher would be hard to find and the support she has provided for so many children and families has been invaluable. I have met very few people as knowledgeable and as Mrs Talaimojeh and I am forever bowled over by her! She will be missed in her role as the ARP Lead but I know that the team she has built and nurtured are ready to continue and build on her work. Thank you so much for everything.


Many of you will know Amy has worked in the office for many years! The support she has provided and her knowledge of the school is second to none! Amy is leaving us so that she is able to complete her psychology degree. Amy, we wish you all the very best.


Miss Davis has been our music teacher for the past 4 years and in that time, she has transformed the way our children experience and access music. From attending live music events such as Young Voices, visits to the Barbican, and London Symphony Orchestra as well as projects with the Royal Opera House. Our school has been filled with a love of music for such a long time and we know that Miss Davis has left a lasting impression on many of our staff and children. Miss Davis has been such a central part of our community and I wish her every success as she starts her new job in Sheffield. You will be missed.


Miss Lavelle has only been with us for a year but as been such a wonderful member of the year 3 team. She is back off to Ireland this Summer to begin her teaching career there. I know she will be incredibly successful. We wish you lots of luck!


Mrs Akhtar from 1AJ is also leaving us as her contract has ended. She has been a fabulous and valued member of our Year 1 team and I know has been an integral part of the success of the year group as a whole. Good luck with everything and we hope to see you again soon.


Mr Eduvie our ARP PE teacher is leaving to start his teacher training! We are really excited for him as we know he is going to be amazing. We really hope that you’ll be back with us one day.


And finally, to our Year 6 children, you have been on such a journey with us at Monteagle, especially over the past 18 months. Remember how strong and resilient you are. Enjoy every moment of secondary school, embrace all of the opportunities that come your way and remember that you always have a place here at Monteagle.


I would like to take this final opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Summer. We have achieved incredible things this year and I am looking forward to raising the bar even higher in September.


Please look out for a Summer newsletter in August when I will share any updated arrangements for returning with you.


Enjoy the sun, make memories and we will see you all in September!


Best Wishes,



Sara Rider