First half-term

As the first half-term of our school year draws to a close, the children and adults are looking forward to a well earned break. The last seven weeks have been busy.

The children continue to make a striking impression in school in their smart new uniforms. They certainly convey a sense of pride in our school and communicate serious intent in their studies. This has been born out in the fabulous work that has been produced across the school, evidenced in already bulging exercise books and walls adorned with beautiful work both inside and outside the children’s classrooms.


During the half-term, the teachers have provided wonderful learning opportunities for the children. Some children have had opportunity to create and explore a Gambian market in school, some have been visited by soldiers from the First World War and some have been visited by aliens! Others have taken their learning beyond the school gates with exciting trips including to the Natural History Museum, St. Albans Verulamium Museum and the IMAX cinema at the Science Museum.


For some children learning has taken place in exciting new learning spaces in school. For children in our newly named Phoenix Class, this has meant two new classrooms and a beautiful new outdoor learning area, complete with swing and balance beams. For the children in our Reception Classes this has meant learning in their newly refurbished classrooms and a wonderful new outdoor space. And, children across the school have had the opportunity to create works of art in our new art studio.










In addition to using the new art studio during class-time, children have also been in there creating wonderful things after school. Art club, running three nights a week, is one of twenty three new clubs running this term, ensuring all children have the opportunity to experience and pursue interests across a wide-range of disciplines. All clubs have been very well attended with many over-subscribed. Some have been particularly popular, notable our choirs that now boast one-hundred-and-twenty singers each week between them including the ten parents that make up our parent choir and who meet each Thursday morning (any parent who enjoys singing is most welcome to come along). This is just the beginning, so look out for new clubs that will be advertised the week after half-term, for a January start.










All in all, a tremendous start to what is sure to be another magnificent year at our school. Thank you children and adults for your energy and enthusiasm and for making our school such a wonderful place to be.