Every drawing tells a BIG story

If every picture tells a story, then the children at Monteagle created a library when we transformed our halls into two magnificent scenes, one under the sea, the other a Mad Hatter’s tea-party, and the children drew them.

On the day before our Autumn term break, children from Nursery to Year 6 participated, for the first time, in the Big Draw. The Big Draw is the world’s largest drawing festival. It aims to get everyone drawing and is an annual celebration of the power of drawing, with hundreds of schools across the world from Britain to Brazil, Vietnam to Venezuela taking part.

We were particularly excited about joining the festival this year as drawing is a powerful way to support children in developing their creativity – one of our five core character virtues.

As the children came into the halls, they sat in two groups while the Big Draw team explained their task. The children were treated to a special surprise when their own class teachers, office staff, and even the Head Teacher appeared in the scenes.

All the children created magnificent works of art and each received a certificate of participation from their teachers. There will be one winner from each year group who will receive a special certificate within the week. Keep an eye out on the website to get a glimpse of the winners with their great drawings!

Our Big Draw event even made it into the Dagenham post! Click this link to check it.

Enjoy the photos below showing the scenes and children from various year groups capturing them.