Hello, its Emmanuel, Nathan and Spencer from l Class 6F!

We would like to inform you of our spectacular week. Firstly, we had home learning on Monday and Tuesday so on those days , we had a handful of fun google classroom work such as: English , Grammar and Maths.

When we returned, we continued to read a play made by William Shakespeare called Macbeth. We wrote an original duologue! We changed Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s thoughts, character traits and motivations. We also roleplayed it and it was very fun reading out our scripts and showing the class our work.

Moreover, we went to our maths classes and in Ms Feeney’s maths group have moved from Fractions to decimals. It was way more complex than the normal method of decimals. In Mr A’s class , we focused on arithmetic, especially fractions. Finally in Ms Carmody’s class , we started dividing fractions by integers.

We ended the week with fabulous fun time outside with our friends. Next week we are turing our scripts into a narrative – we can’t wait! We are very happy with  everything we done this week but we would like our lovely teacher Ms Feeney.

From Spencer ,Nathan and Emmanuel


Take a look at some of our scripts here: