World Cup Success

World Cup Victory for Monteagle.

The spirit of the World Cup is sweeping over the nation, especially at Monteagle. Our boys and girls from Year 3 & 4 participated in and played exceptionally good football in a Barking and Dagenham schools World Cup competition. Each and every game was played in the right spirit of the game, goals were scored, games were won and all hands were shaken at the end of each game to promote fair play.


This was followed up a day later by our Year 5 & 6 boys and girls playing in the same competition for their age group. Equally the year 5 & 6 team played each game with intensity and fair play. Each player came home with a medal and a World Cup trophy to show for their efforts.


Well done to all of the players that represented the school during this World Cup competition.


Please enjoy our photos!