Today at Monteagle is World Book Day and we have been celebrating as a whole school with a number of different activities and events.

We have had authors visiting to talk to the children in mainstream, as well as some of your ARP children joining those visits which we are so happy with. They are integrating and experiencing more with mainstream than ever before, and it really helps them to develop their social skills and life skills all at once.

As well as that, the whole school have been given the opportunity to dress up as a favourite character from a book of their choice. We have seen so many wonderful costumes across the ARP today, from dinosaurs, to wolves, to chimney sweepers. It is incredible to see the differentiation in costumes this year, and such cool and creative ideas.

Some of our staff have also dressed up today, with our EYFS team dressing up as the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 & Thing 2. Others have dressed up as ladybirds and butterflies. Someone even dressed up as a penguin!

Take a look at the pictures below of the variety of costumes seen across the ARP today.