Usine de confiserie

Today the children headed for the Becusac sweet factory.  The children met Luc the chocolatier who  first showed the children how soft sugary jellies were made.  Several children had a chance to put the sugary syrupy liquid into the moulds to set.  Luc then showed the children how hard sweets were made including lollipops.  He produced his magic table which had cold water running through it to help cool the 158 degree syrup mixture he was about to pour on it.  Having greased the table the gooey hot  liquid was poured onto the table.  Decisions had to be made.  What flavouring should be added?  Cola brought a few smiles but it was agreed , with absolutely no influence from the teachers, that strawberry should be added.  With parts of the syrupy goo being cut, Luc showed how a lollipop could be made.  The syrupy goo was then formed into long strips which then went through a long conveyor machine which seperated the mixture into small shapes.  It was then a thrill for us to taste a warm, delicious, freshly made sweet.

Far better than anything Willy Wonka made!