A big THANK YOU from Snacktacular team!

To parents and children of all ages from Monteagle Primary school,

We would just like to say a HUGE thank you for all the support we have been getting in regards to our Snacktacular shop every Wednesday. It has been a great success so far with nearly all our original stock being sold.

We, as children. are loving the hard work and independence we have been given to control our own business within school. It has been tough but we are starting to see some amazing results. We really love how much other children in the school are looking forward to it, in the corridor they say, “It’s Wednesday today! Is the shop open?”. This shows that we are doing a fabulous job with our snack shop and hope this excitement continues.

Just to note: our snacks that we are selling are in fact CHEAPER than in any store you will find. Most shops sell our snacks for around 70p whereas we are selling all our stock for only 50p! Huge savings found here! They can be put into packed lunch boxes, eaten anytime of the day and clearly they are delicious!

More stock is coming soon! Popcorn , yogurt and juice drinks are on their way!

Please continue to be incredible customers as you already have been, and we are looking forward to opening again this Wednesday.


Year 3