The Frog Prince

In English we have been reading the book called ‘The Frog Prince’. In the story, the princess drops the ball accidentally into the stream where the frog retrieves it for her after seeing her sobbing. The frog makes the princess promise 3 things: to let him eat food from her plate, sleep on the princess’s bed and finally….give the frog a Kiss in the morning. The princess reluctantly agrees to this condition. The king isn’t impressed with his daughter but has no choice other than to agree with his daughter. On the third day of the frog’s stay at the palace, the princess decided to give a kiss to the slimy, green frog.  The frog turned into a charming, handsome prince, married the princess and lived happily ever after.

Through drama the children have acted out the story and have done various different activities to go with it. Below are some pictures to show you our acting skills.