Here & Now, There & Then

This week we began our brand new IPC topic: ‘Here & Now, There & Then’. The class teachers have been very excited to start this unit of work, as we have some exciting things to explore over the coming weeks.

Within the unit we will be expanding on the idea of ‘HOME’ and ‘HOST’ countries and this all ties in very nicely with our new Power of Reading text: ‘The Other Side of Truth’. This novel is set initially in Lagos and moves quite quickly to London.

For our ‘ENTRY POINT’ activities, each class teacher took on a different country (that they were somehow connected with) to discuss with each class.

  • Mrs Olatunji showed off her beloved Nigeria – sharing delicious African snacks and stories.
  • Ms Darcy showed off everything Ireland – exploring food, sport and even teaching the children some of her ‘mother’ language.
  • Mr Woollcott explored England with the children – sharing a number of traditional dances (quite heroically, with 4 straight classes and NO break between each dance activity).
  • Mr Sheffle shared tales of his in-laws’ home country Scotland – exploring the heritage and products which the country is most famous for.

I think you can see in the pictures below, that the children had a great time exploring each country and we are looking forward to the rest of the unit very much. We will keep you posted with our explorations.