Song writing in Year 5

Year 5 musicians have been doing some incredible song writing this half term. The starting point for our compositions was learning the hit ‘Savage Love’, using the chord pattern, Em-C-G-D (in the Key of G). We also learned that in any key, an arrangement of the chords 1, 4, 5, and 6 will often form the foundation of popular music. In the key of G, G is 1, C is 4, D is 5 and E minor is 6.

We have since been improvising and composing based on this set of chords (note- some students opted for a different key) rearranging them and creating their own “backing track” accompaniments. We have then composed a melody line (using any combination of notes in the key that we are working in) and lyrics. Our lyrics are set the criterea of being about something we really care about/something about ourselves /about our feelings . We then used ‘ostinato’  (repetition) to create the chorus/verse of a song.

We hope you enjoy this sample of some of our amazing song writing: