Phoenix at Home!

Now we have broken up for the summer holidays, parents may want to set up a workstation at home.

SCERTS is to be used as a framework which enables a range of interventions to be used in a holistic approach to autism (e.g. TEACCH, S&L, Intensive Interaction, Sensory Diets etc).  SCERTS is taught within aspects of the National Curriculum.  As children begin to move successfully through the SCERTS programme, they will be able to more fully access other curriculum areas.

A workstation is a visual structure implemented to promote independence.
The child’s work area is clearly organised and labelled and individualised for possession depending on interests and communication level- for example, social partner stage, language partner stage and conversational partner stage.

On a workstation, it is clear where one activity begins and another ends
The child always works from left to right with the concept of ‘finished’ clearly visible on the right

The quantity and quality of tasks are appropriate to each student (dependent on SCERTS communicative stage) and are reflective of targets that have been set and previously taught, at the communication table.

The link below is a demonstration on how to set up a workstation by staff at Phoenix at Thomas Arnold:

Setting up a workstation

The link below is of a member of staff (at Monteagle) completing workstation tasks. This demonstrates the process of how a child would independently complete their workstation.