Superb report from Ofsted

In April five inspectors from the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) visited our school and spent two days sitting in on lessons, looking at work in the children’s books and speaking with children, teachers and parents.

We have now received their report and are delighted to announce that they have judged our school to be Good.

The report contains many things we are extremely proud of, including:

  • ‘Teaching, learning and assessment are good.’ (p.1)
  • ‘Teachers and teaching assistants are caring and knowledgeable.’ (p.1)
  • ‘Pupils outcomes are good … [they] make good progress across the school and attainment is rising rapidly in all year groups.’ (p.1)
  • ‘Pupils in the Autistic Resource Provision (ARP) and main school who have special educational needs or disability … make good progress. (p.1)
  • ‘The new curriculum provides a range of interesting chances to learn new things.’ (p.1)
  • ‘… pupils are keen to learn and work together well’ (p.4)
  • ‘Instances of bullying, or unkind behaviour of any kind, are rare … [and] all pupils feel valued and cared for’ (p.4)
  • ‘Pupils are particularly polite and friendly and are keen to talk about their learning.’ (p.4)
  • ‘Pupils … talk enthusiastically about the school’s five core ‘character virtues’ and why they are important in supporting their learning.’ (p.4)
  • ‘Members of staff [in Nursery and Reception] are knowledgeable about the needs of young children and ensure that they are provided with a wealth of interesting and purposeful activities.’ (p.5)

You can read the full report by clicking below. It is also available on the Ofsted website, confirming the best result for our school in thirteen years.


The report notes two things we could do better:

  • ‘Ensure that work consistently motivates and extends the learning of the most-able pupils in all subjects across the curriculum so that they make even stronger progress.’ (p.2)
  • ‘Develop consistency in the way teachers check up on learning and give feedback to help pupils’ improve their work.’ (p.2)

We welcome these observations and are committed to ensuring that the excellent practice found across the school is consistent in providing the best learning in every single subject, to the benefit of every single child in our school.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who spoke with inspectors during their visit, and those who took the time to complete the online questionnaire.

We hope you are as proud of this superb result as we are; a result that represents a significant step toward our goal of becoming a truly outstanding school.


9th May – You can read more in this week’s Barking and Dagenham Post [click below]