Over the past weeks, we’ve been learning all about night and day, sparking the imaginations of our little ones with classic, fun stories and engaging activities.

Last week, we enjoyed a journey with the adorable Owl Babies, diving into their nocturnal world filled with wonder and mystery. The story not only captivated our children but also inspired discussions about the night sky, stars, and the creatures that come alive when the sun sets.

Building on that excitement, this week we’re reaching for the stars with the delightful tale of “How to Catch a Star.” Written by the brilliant Oliver Jeffers, this story takes our young adventurers on a quest to catch a twinkling star from the sky. It’s a journey filled with creativity, determination, and the boundless imagination that children possess.

But our exploration doesn’t stop with storytime. Throughout the week, we’ve been engaging in a variety of activities to further immerse our children in the themes of night and day:

Art and Craft: From crafting their own starry night scenes using glitter and paint to creating whimsical star-shaped collages, our children have been expressing their creativity in beautiful ways.
Outdoor Adventures: During our outdoor play sessions, we’ve been encouraging our children to observe the changes in the sky as day turns into night, sparking discussions about the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Through stories like “How to Catch a Star,” we’re teaching them that with a little imagination and determination, anything is possible, even reaching for the stars.

As we continue to journey through the themes of night and day, we’re excited to see our children’s faces light up with wonder and excitement.