Letter To Parents

Dear Parents/ Carers,


I thought that today would be a good time to write to you all, as I know many of you will have seen on the news that the Government have scrapped their plans to open for all children this term. This, I known after talking to my own friends and family, has caused a lot of added anxiety, frustration and stress.

I admit that I have felt all of the above, as I truly believed that we may be able to see the children again before September. It’s a blow for us all. However, under the latest plans, over 90% of the staff will be back in school working with the children in the ARP, Nursery, Reception Year 1 and Year 6 and with our key worker children.

I know that you have so many questions and that I probably do not have the answers for you currently as the information that comes from the Government is announced to you at the same time it is to me.

I want to reassure you through this letter, that at Monteagle, we are here for you. Our teachers will continue to upload work to our school website for the children to complete daily and you will still be able to submit the work highlighted in red each week. Teachers will respond to you each week on Friday’s. Children will still be meeting their teacher via zoom each week and I encourage everyone to join in.

We are also organising for the children to meet with their new teachers over the coming weeks. The teachers are currently organising transition meetings and you will soon get zoom meeting requests whereby your child will be able to meet their current and their new teacher. We will aim to do this several times before the end of the school year. Our school reports will also be with you by 19th June this year.

I can only add on a very personal note that I am devastated that not all the children will be in school this year. We are working on well thought through plans for next year, where we will ensure that every child is supported and educated to the highest standard, as is always the expectation at Monteagle.

If you have any questions at all, big or small, we are here every day. The office team, your child’s teacher myself or any member of SLT are contactable and here for you as parents as well as the children.


My thoughts are with you all.