Dreams of Air and Flight

Yesterday, Year 5 had the magical, amazing experience of singing the original work by Paul Rissmann, ‘Dreams of Air and Flight’ with the London Symphony Orchestra. This is part of their ‘Inspire’ activity towards earning their ‘Explore Arts Award.’

Today, we embarked on another inspire activity, by making our own improvisations based on Paul Rissmann’s composition and the book, ‘Farther.’

First, we wrote a line of poetry about the image of the father trying to fly. Then, we created a melody from the words, using the key of G, as Mr Rissmann does in his work. Next, we used some of the rhythmic phrases used in ‘Dreams of Air and Flight’ to create our own rhythmic phrases. Lastly, we turned our melody into song and put the improvisation together.

Here is an example of each year 5’s inspirational explorations of ‘Dreams of Air and Flight.’ There will be more to come and look out for more updates on the children’s performance and investigation!