This week, Year 4 learnt an Orchestral Pop song called ‘Hoedown’. As the song title suggests, this song is made to be danced to. The children learnt that a ‘hoedown’ is an American tradition where people can gather to dance and socialise with each other.¬†Orchestral Pop songs blend the catchy, superstar appeal of Pop music with the instruments of the orchestra. Orchestral Pop songs were first recorded by artists like The Beatles and Burt Bacharach in the 1960s.

After learning the history of this song and the lyrics, the children then learnt an instrumental section on their glockenspiels using at least four notes. The children were shown the skill of how to use their beater to generate the best possible sound and how to assist their talk partner when learning a new song, by reminding them of the notes to play. You can see how they got on below! Next week, they will then have the opportunity to compose their own song to accompany a piece of music in a similar style.