Guardian top 2018 artist works with Year 5!

Today Year 5 was so pleased to host sound artist, Zoee, a top 40 Guardian musician for 2018.

Zoee is a professional singer, songwriter and sound artist. She also is launching her own record label later this month.

Zoee shared some of her own vocal and listening techniques, her sound art and helped the children generate their own ideas. She also prepared the children for their use of the music technology app, Garage Band, to record and mix their sounds.

The children are working on their own pieces of sound art for the Barking and Dagenham Inspire Festival, 2018. The theme is ‘What Barking means to me…’ exploring the different sounds, music and languages that are used in our local area. This will culminate in a presentation of a selection of their pieces at the festival at the end of June.

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