Attracting magnets

This week, the children in the EAL have been investigating magnets, what kinds of things are attracted to magnets?

This is what our children were tasked with finding out.  First they explored outside of the classroom, picking up objects that they thought would be magnetic and also collecting objects that they thought wouldn’t be magnetic.


Collecting magnetic and non-magnetic items

Once we had collected enough items we went back to the classroom to test which things would be magnetic, and which ones wouldn’t.


Checking whether their objects are magnetic or not

Whilst checking the objects magnetism, the children realised that the magnet’s force was strong enough to pull some objects.  Everyone found the experiment really interesting and the children learned some new words related to the topics including; attract, metal, stick, power, and pull.


Categorising all our objects

The last thing to do was categorising all the objects into the 2 groups, magnetic and non-magnetic.