Week 1 & 2 – Catapults & Balloon Powered Cars

It has been fantastic to start this year with a brand new (well nearly new) cohort of budding young scientists and engineers.

Over our first two weeks, we have constructed working catapults and balloon powered cars. The children created different designs, attempting to make them as efficient as possible.

From our youngest year threes, through to our eldest year sixes, I have seen some fantastic team work and cooperation in the STEM club and it is great to see each child leave with their finished designs to show off at home. We have a lot to squeeze in to fifty minutes and they have all been listening really carefully to instructions.

Along with the fun, we have considered a few of the STEM PRINCIPLES along the way: MOTION , FORCES, ENERGY & ANGLES.

I hope the children have showed you their designs and let you have a go with their finished products!

See you all next week!

Mr Sheffle