Young Engineers – STEM Club

Week 4 – Fidget Spinners

Our fourth week was spent designing different styles of FIDGET SPINNER…

We constructed 2 / 3 different designs, attempting to make them as efficient as possible. We used a range of materials and considered how the effect of friction affected the fidget spinner’s performance. We tested different shapes and sizes and compared our designs against each others.

Following on from ‘Rockets’ , ‘Scuttlebugs’ & ‘Steady Hand Games’ – the children enjoyed themselves yet again and listened really carefully to the instructions. They also showed a good level of independence to get on and design their own spinners on their own. Along with the fun, we considered the STEM principles of MOTION , MOMENTUM , MASS & VELOCITY. I hope the children showed your their designs and let you have a go – they really are addictive to play with.

Have a great half term!