On Friday May 25th, children in 6S and 6C walked over to Eastbury Manor house for an immersive Shakespeare experience. We were divided into two groups and spent the morning getting a tour of the 450 year old house. The children took part in interactive activities where they had to identify various items in the house from wall paintings, to pieces of jewellery.

The second half of the day was spent exploring the themes within the play A Midsummer Nights Dream, a unique play by William Shakespeare that sets its scene in Ancient Greece. The children were given roles to play as well as props and costumes. They then had an opportunity to act out the play as a whole class with various parts being handed out and an array of costumes from fairies, kings, and a donkey.

To finish our amazing experience, the children watched a troupe of performers called The Three Inch Fools and watched two scenes from the play they had been working on. The show was spectacular and featured music, and role changes.

The children showed real creativity and they are looking forward to using the skills they learned towards their upcoming show at the end of the term.

Check out the photos below: