Year 6 Re-Enactment Day – Dagenham in the 1920’s

To commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Becontree Estate, Year 6 have been learning about what it was like to live in Dagenham in the 1920’s.

We have been lucky enough to listen to real life recordings from people who went to school during this time. This allowed us to gain the necessary information we needed to schedule an appropriate 1920’s themed school day.

All our lessons were taught without the use of paper or pens (except for handwriting.)  Boys and girls were separated for many of the lessons including sewing and woodwork. Even at breaktime we had two separate playgrounds which didn’t go down well with everyone!!

We trialled an assembly line to see the benefits of mass production just like they did in the  Ford Factory when it moved to Dagenham in 1928.

It was a wonderful day and we want to thank all the children for their interest and effort throughout the day.