The Lion King

Over the last few months, children in year 6 have been working extremely hard on producing a west end quality show of Disney’s The Lion King. The children were broken into various groups and worked on creating props, sets, costumes and ticket designs.

All of their work has culminated in a show that was on Friday July 14th at Jo Richardson secondary school. Years 2-5 and parents were in attendance where the children were given a standing ovation for their rendition.

All of the props, costumes and head dresses were handmade by children with the help of some artistic staff members. The actors did a splendid job and should be congratulated for their hard work.

“At first I was worried about all the lines I had to learn, but in the end I worked through it and the show turned out to be great!”- Sarah Heydari from 6G who played adult Simba

“It was a fun opportunity to play Rafiki and be silly on stage. It was really fun!”- Nasteha Aweis ¬†from 6G who played Rafiki

“I enjoyed playing Scar because of how interesting his character is. It was fun to play a villian”- Ruby Lyons from 6G who played Scar.

Check out the photos below to see the children in what is being hailed as the best show yet at Monteagle.