Year 6 explore the blues melody

Year 6 has been diving into the history, theory and performance of blues and jazz music. This is linked to our history topic on the Second World War. Did you know that jazz and blues music was banned by the Nazis in Germany, because of it’s roots in those who were resisting racism in the USA?

Today we learned the C blues melody. This consists of C, E flat, F, G flat, G, B flat and C. We played both a C major scale and the C blues scale, and considered the differences.  Not only does the  blues scale use flatted notes (in this case, black keys on the piano), but it also skips over a number of notes. This creates a mood that is sad and more moody than the major scale. Hence why it’s called the blues!

We then all got to have a go playing the blues melody to a 12 bar blues accompaniment. We hope you enjoy our blues!